Summer Season Registration

This Summer Season we are offering volleyball, basketball, baseball and girls softball.  All of our sports are coed except for softball.

We use your child’s age on March 31, 2019.

Games are scheduled to be held at Willis Junior High School (may change depending on facility approval).

Games run from through the month of June.

For our Summer Season only, we will facilitate practices the first two weeks and then games will start.  Once games start, practices will cease and there will be games on Saturdays and also during the week in place of practices.  Although this is a shorter season overall, teams will play more games than they would during our normal seasons because games will replace weekly practices.  A shorter season will allow families to spend more time on vacation to enjoy their summers!

We will go back to our normal season style in the fall.

Many teams will play 1-2 away games at our Gilbert and/or Mesa locations.


  • Sport Info

    Player's Information

    Answering this helps us place you on a team nearest your home.


    Discount is per team coached, not per child.  If you have two children that will play on your team, please choose this option for just one of them.

    Extra Options

    Extra Camps and Training

    We have a football skills camp on August 18th from 8am-10am at Basin 115 (Elsworth & Eliott).  Kids will spend 2 hours of hands-on time with elite position coaches.  Ages 9-13
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    We also have a 5-week speed and agility camp at Freestone park from the second week in August to the first week of September.  There will be 2 sessions per week @ 90 minutes each.  Ages 7-12  
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    Agree to League Policies

    I understand that this is a recreational youth sports league that uses parent-volunteers as coaches.  I understand that, although most teams will have coaches when rosters are sent out, some may not and a parent will need to step up to coach.  I understand that practice times may not be convenient and that I may need to adjust my schedule to make things work (when possible, the league will try to move you to a different team, but there are no guarantees).  I understand that if I register multiple kids, practices may conflict and games may conflict.  I understand that I will need to purchase a new jersey if my child's jersey becomes lost or damaged.  I understand that practice locations must be acquired by each team and that the league does not provide practice facilities (the league will suggest great practice locations for your team).  I understand that my team may play 1-2 travel games this season.

    I understand that there are no refunds for any reason once rosters are sent out.  I understand that the league will grant my child's registration be rolled over to a future season if a) my child suffers an injury in the first half of the season and can no longer participate b) I request a future credit prior to the first game.

Summer Season Registration